Common Methods Used by Professionals For Structural Damage Repair

The most important role in providing strength and support to the structure of your home is played by the foundations. Thus, the entire load and the weight in the building are usually carried by its foundations. The damage of the house foundation can be a serious threat to the structural integrity of the home. If you face the damage of the house foundation, then you should hire professional services for structural damage repair. Thus, the professional of Five Star Reblocking offers various methods to a person for the underpinning of a house or building. 

Professionals Structural Damage Repair
Professionals Structural Damage Repair

There are major 3 methods which are used by the professional underpinning services on the damage of the foundation. Here are the 3 common methods which are used by professional for underpinning a house or building. 

3 Most Common Methods For Underpinning:

  • Depth and Breadth Method: –

    This method is known as the common and the cheapest method that is used by the professional for underpinning a house. The depth and breadth underpinning method is completed by applying the weight of the building equally along the breadth, depth, and length of the foundation of the house. When your house has undergone damage of foundation or the structure is leaning on one side, then the professional uses the depth and breadth method for underpinning the house to overcome the problem. This method works the best method because it provides a large and suitable area for distributing the load of the structure. Thus, it also helps to relieve the pressure that is faced by the foundation of the house. 
  • Mass Concrete Method: –

    The mass concrete method is considered as an old-age as well as a traditional method used for house foundation repair. This method is known to be the most practical way over a century for underpinning a house. The method includes the box-shaped voids digging in-between the foundation of the house. These box-shaped voids are then filled with the help of concrete and help to add solid support to the structure as well as house foundation. Our professional Underpinning Services offer mass concrete as the major method for underpinning the house because it is quite practical. This method does not require any type of evacuation and is commonly carried out without the use of heavy equipment and machinery. 
  • Mini-Piled Method: –

    This method is only used when the condition of the ground and the soil under the foundation varies from each other. The Underpinning Services Melbourne experts suggest this method only when the foundation provides a limited amount of access and is not easy to reach. This method is used by distributing the weight of the structure deep down the foundation with the help of piles and pillar alongside the depth.

What is Reblocking and When It Comes to Play?

Reblocking, also known as restumping is the method of changing the concrete or wooden stumps in the foundation. When stump underneath the property starts to crack and cannot be repaired or restored, the technician go for reblocking. In this process, jacks are used to support the structure while the stumps are being removed. After the elimination of the cracked stumps, new stumps are planted to its place. 

House foundation Repair
House Foundation Repair

The process of reblocking comes to play when foundation damage repair is not an option. When it comes to structural damage repair, our professionals first all inspect your foundation and then go ahead with the right procedure. 

Figure Whether Your House Needs Underpinning or Reblocking With Experts

We Five Star Reblocking carry out the underpinning and repair of foundation procedures with the help of the above-given methods. Our company is well-known for providing the most effective underpinning and Best Reblocking Services in Melbourne. We use all the latest equipment and specialised machinery to provide the best results. We understand the fact that strong foundation is the basis of every property, and give the best solutions to fulfil the purpose.

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