Looking To Add A Home Extension?

Well goodness gracious, you’ve come to the right place. Time and time again, we see companies around the Melbourne area who are, unfortunately, a bit of a one-trick pony. We’re very grateful for all of the competition we have in the area and in the industry. As you know, it only propels us forward. There is no crux to the mountain, no finish line, you’ve heard all of the motivational lines before. That being said, it’s always a head-scratcher to us when companies don’t want to go above and beyond for their valued customers. We pride ourselves on our Reblocking services, a body of work that’s especially necessary in the Melbourne and the surrounding areas. But why stop there? Our goal is to provide homes and businesses that elicit generations of the best memories. How do we elevate such memories? By assisting with a home extension, of course!

House Extensions
House Extensions

We’re speaking of extensions to both the front and the back of your home or business. There are dozens of benefits to investing in an extension. Not only are you far better equipped for that housewarming party or backyard barbecue you’ve been meaning to plan, but you wouldn’t believe the value that it can add to the property. In a volatile housing market, small shifts and additions like this, can make a world of difference—not only to your curb appeal, but to your ultimate bottom line.

We’ve tickled your fancy, we know—but there are probably many questions now swimming through your head. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind if this is a route that you’d like to explore:

Is there room?

An extension is just that, not an alternative for valued square footage already in use. In a day and age when minimalism is the word of the day, and we’re all looking for ways to limit our carbon footprint, an extension is not something to explore if you don’t have the ample room. Biggest reason? Far better ways to invest your hard-earned dollars.

Do you foresee yourself using it on a regular basis?

Here at Five Star reblocking, we always want you to feel inspired and excited about purchases ahead. We’re driven by experiences. This means that when we first meet with potential clients, we want to hear the full picture. How do you plan on using your extension? Do you plan on using it on a regular basis? If we see your faces light up with stories to tell, then we know we’re making the right direction with an extension.

Professional Home Extensions
Professional Home Extensions

Front or back extension?

There’s not a tried and true correct answer here, but again- it’s something that you should be personally passionate about. An extension on the front of the house can be the perfect venue for lacksidaisical summer people watching. An extension on the back of the home, can lead to parties and barbecue get togethers that go down in the books. So get creative, and brainstorm the solution that makes the most sense for you.

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