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Reliable Reblocking Services in Melbourne

Foundation is one of the important components of a strong house. However, if your house is old, or the foundation is weak, your house is prone to a range of dangers.

This is the reason why hiring reblocking Melbourne services is necessary. Five Star Reblocking is a leading reblocking services provider in Melbourne. In addition to providing reblocking services, we also deal with underpinning and restumping processes.

Reblocking Melbourne
Reblocking Melbourne

Why is Reblocking Melbourne Necessary?

It’s a dream come true when you move into your new house, especially when you have been the part of the construction. Years pass away and you enjoy living in the house with your family. Whenever you come across any structural deformity or damage to the house, you very well identify and get it repaired. This is true for all that is visible to you, but something like, the foundation or the stumps of the house is not easily visible.

The damage to the foundation can damage your house. Foundation, like any other part of the house, is a structural entity and with time is bound to wear and tear. Here are a few visible signs which hint that reblocking is necessary:

  1. Uneven texture or slant floors

The foundation is in direct touch with your floors. Therefore any slight damage in the foundation will result in slanting floor or uneven texture. You may feel your steps falling on the uneven floor. That’s the time, you need a reblocking.

  1. Cracking tiles

Floors with tiles will start getting light cracks, rot or rust when there is any wear and tear to the foundation.

  1. Crack in the cornices and walls

Minor cracks on the plaster walls and the cornices also indicate a probable damage to the foundation.

Reblocking Services
Reblocking Services

Best Reblocking Services in Melbourne

Five Star Reblocking is a leading reblocking services provider in Melbourne. Our expert reblocking technicians are locals of Melbourne and are well aware of the industry inside-out.

Here are a few reasons which make us the best reblocking services provider in Melbourne:

  • Experience

    Five Star Reblocking has years of experience in providing restumping and reblocking services. Our experts have an in depth understanding of the subject and can conclude the condition of the foundation just by the looking at the venue.

  • Use of raw material

    We use high-quality raw materials like timber, concrete and superior quality of stumps.

  • Team of experts

    We have an experienced team of reblocking Melbourne experts. They analyze and resolve the problem and take proper corrective action.

  • Equipment used

    We are technologically sound and use the high-end technological equipment. Our expert reblocking professionals make use of a laser for house leveling.

  • Protection of the property

    We ensure minimal damage to the property throughout the process and take protective steps before and after the initiation of the process.

Best Reblocking Services
Best Reblocking Services

Our Reblocking Process

We follow a scientific process which takes care of all the aspects related to reblocking. Let’s have a detailed look at our reblocking process:

  • After the initial inspection by our experts, we remove the plinth boards with extra care and place the jacks under the house, slowly, so that the complete house is on them.
  • Next, we dig the holes to reach the base plates. This is followed by evacuation of the soil and reaching the foundation.
  • Further, we check all the old stumps thoroughly for all probable damage.
  • We then hang them above the holes and initiate the work.
  • Additionally, he complete leveling of the house is done using lasers. Our professionals inspect the house and ensure the requirements are as per the building regulations. Once approved by the regulators, the concrete is mixed for pouring.
  • Moreover, replacing of the old stump starts with the pouring of the concrete using concrete pumps. We repeat the same process around the stumps so that the supports the foundation of the house.
  • We then leave it to dry for 24-48hrs and after the drying process is complete, the jacks are slowly removed.
House Reblocking Services
House Reblocking Services

Why Choose Us?

Five Star Reblocking is the best-reblocking services providers in Melbourne. Here are a few reasons why you should hire us:

  1. Wide experience

    We are in the industry for an array of years now. Furthermore, we are aware of all the best practices of reblocking.

  1. Team of professionals

    We have a professional team of local experts consisting of contractors, builders, and architects.

  1. Scientific process

    We follow a scientific approach from the initiation to the completion. Additionally, our reblocking experts use the latest equipment for the process.

  1. Paper work

    We take care of all the building permits so that the customer need not bother for anything and they do not waste their valuable time.

Reblocking Melbourne services just do not beautify your home but also boost its strength and durability. Therefore, hire our reblocking services and add years to your house’s life.

To know more about our reblocking services, call us today.

Masters Reblocking Services
Masters Reblocking Services