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There are a lot of different elements that go into any successful construction job, especially those in the reblocking and underpinning realm. This is definitely by design. After all, you wouldn’t want to skip over important steps to ensuring the foundation of your property is safe and secure, now would you? That being said, many of our prospective customers are wary of kicking off underpinning and reblocking work, specifically because of the headache they think it will be. Before they can ever envision the finished product, they see the piles of red tape and paper work, the endless building permit negotiations and frustrating discussions. With visions like those dancing through your heads, why would you want to embark on an underpinning or reblocking adventure?

Building Permits
Building Permits

Well, today dear blog readers- our team will aim to dispel these rumors, specifically those related to mountains of red tape and frustrating discussions. Many of these frustrating discussions are those had with council and city partners. These are important government groups that are doing their jobs, but sometimes their jobs require a lot of checks and balances.

Luckily for you, our customers never need to own these conversations. It’s part of our 5 Star Reblocking and Underpinning guarantee that you will never need to waste your time with paperwork. You probably noticed that the title of this post is “Your Building Permit Experts.” Yep, that’s us. We like to think that that refers to your 5 Star Reblocking and Underpinning team. Because thanks to the above-mentioned partnerships, we now know the in’s and out’s of every necessary building permit. These will run the gamut dependent on the terrain on which we’re building, dependent on the area of the city and certain building codes, and dependent on any extraneous issues like access water nearby, that we need to be cognizant of.

There are only benefits to ensuring this process is completed correctly. The biggest benefit is transparency. Because when you’re working through any body of paperwork, it’s the perfect opportunity to ask questions and gain additional insight. We may run into situations where completing a permit may uncover important details around the reblocking or underpinning job, that we’ll want to ensure we share with our valued customers.

Experts Building Permit
Experts Building Permit

Thanks to our decades of experience in the industry, our team members are equipped and experienced to ensure these conversations are completed in a quick and calm manner. We feel very fortunate to have made wonderful partnerships with many in the different council and city groups in the areas. It’s thanks to these partnerships, that we’ve been able to learn as much as we have. It’s also thanks to these partnerships, that we’ve been able to perfect our craft as much as we have.

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t think that we’re at the finish line yet. But with partnerships like this in place, we foresee a future of only increased work and more and more opportunities. Bottom line- bring it on!

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